23 May, 2013

Michael R. McGaughy speaks about his research strategy on Asian business groups at Beyond Proxy

Michael R. McGaughy, Head of Research at Fusion, had an interview with Beyond Proxy in which he talks about the research methodology he uses on business groups in Asia. While investing in Asia could be a daunting task for investors based in the US/EU due to market volatility, corporate governance, legal structure and other concerns, Mr. McGaughy, who has extensive experience doing equity research in Asia, develops a number of insights on how to pick the best valued Asian companies across industries by looking into its owners behind curtains and its management, business models and valuation on the long term.

You can access the interview video and the feature article relating to the interview here:
15 May, 2012

Author of Inside China's Corporations, Michael R. McGaughy presents his ground-breaking research on China's corporate landscape at Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

In his presentation to Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Michael R. McGaughy, Head of Research at Fusion, gives an overview of his book titled Inside China's Corporations which studies 800 listed companies in China to their respective controlling shareholders and examines 30 of China's largest conglomerates. Through his research, Mr. McGaughy gained insights on how to minimize risks, generate corresponding investment strategy, and most importantly, how to select and follow solid owners and management in the world's second largest economy to date.

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